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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

James Sears Distributing Flyers Claiming Covid-19 Pandemic is a Satanic Hoax

A year after being sentenced to a year in prison for distributing hate via the antisemitic and misogynistic Your Ward News in a Toronto court, James Sears is distributing flyers in a Toronto neighbourhood. 

The flyer dropped off at a Toronto restaurant on St. Clair West, submitted via a tip
from a community member

A tip submitted by a member of the community advised us that the flyer was dropped off to a business on St. Clair West, in Toronto. It was confirmed that Sears, dressed in all black, delivered it himself. The flyer, which details how Sears believes Covid-19 to be a "globalist" hoax, makes the claims that zero people have died from Covid-19, masks are ineffective at preventing the spread of the virus, and indicated it was "satanic." 

Sears goes on to accuse Toronto mayor John Tory of forcing masks due to being a "satanist who rejects the Christian trinity" and participates in "ritual masking." 

Sears' use of "globalists" is explicitly antisemitic; on his website, which we've blacked out on the flyer, he writes about the "Zionist-Marxist Globalists." Sears claims his politics "incorporates the intellect of Dr. Ron Paul, the heart of Chancellor Adolf Hitler, and the soul of Jesus Christ, into one powerful political Chimera that will crush the Marxist beast."

It might be tempting to consider that Sears has hopped on the QAnon train, but he's written about his ideas of "satanic armies of Marxism" before. 

It will be interesting to see if Sears participates in any of the anti-lockdown protests in the city (where his good friend Paul Fromm is already a staple) and whether he gloms onto the larger anti-mask movement, which has found a foothold in Toronto. 

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