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Rebel Media Loses Lauren Southern. Oh, And Gavin McInnes Is An Antisemitic Dick Too

Actually McInnes isn't a fan of Palestinians specifically and Muslims in general either, but we're sort of getting ahead of ourselves here.

We've written about Ezra Levant a number of times here on the blog, as well The Rebel which he started a few years back after SunNews collapsed. The Rebel is Canada's alt-right answer to Breitbart and Levant, as Rebel Commander, has used it as a vehicle to attack left-wing protesters, stoke the fears of his readers and viewers about Muslims and refugees, and celebrating far right political figures in Canada and abroad. The Rebel Commander also had a number of subordinates as well who have made names for themselves in alt-right circles as well. Among the more popular were Lauren Southern and Gavin McInnes.

Well, at least until recently.

Southern for example has decided to jump ship:

There has been speculation about the nature of Ms. Southern's departure and whether or not it is on good terms. On the one hand, Levant seems to wish her well:

Southern's own fans however feel that the break may not have been so amicable, though they are pleased as punch she will no longer be answering to a Jew any longer.... because the alt-right isn't about antisemitism or racism at all....

They are charming sons-a-bitches, ain't they?

Also wishing Ms. Southern luck are the anti-immigration hate group VDARE and Richard Spencer, a white supremacist who might be best known lately for this....

.... and this:

(Not sure why that last video makes me smile, but it really does).

We're think that eventually the full story will come out explaining what appears to be Southern's rather abrupt departure from The Rebel, however not long after Southern announced she was moving on another story featuring a personality from Levant's vanity project became decidedly more important.

Now, none of this is original to us. It would appear that Jonathan Goldsbie of CANADALAND should receive the full credit here and if you are on twitter you really should be following him.

To set things up, Levant, Faith Goldy, and Gavin McInnes had been touring around Israel and lamenting that icky Muslims lived in the country now. They further promoted a crusade to.... we'll just say rectify that perceived problem:

To be honest I wasn't paying much attention since I figured it would sort of be more of the same from Ezra and company. Thankfully, Jonathan Goldsbie WAS paying attention:

So, what is Mr. Goldsbie talking about?

Seems Vice co-founder and middle-age Proud Boy Gavin McInnes was featured in a video in which he characterizes his time in Israel as a "brainwashing trip" paid for by the Israeli government, says it made him "antisemitic," and then mocks Jews for failing to "get over" the Holocaust:

The alt-right red pill brigade LOVED it and believed it was proof that McInnes had "awakened" to (((those))) people:

By the way, is there any den of scum and villainy more vile than 4chan?

And among those who sent their kudos were the aforementioned Richard Spencer as well as former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke:

The glee of this contingent of the alt-right was very temporary though as McInnes, a man's man who says what he does and does what he says, desperately attempts to backpedal like a cat running away from a cartoon skunk:

McInnes claimed that his anti-Jewish rant was TOTALLY taken out of context.

So again, Jonathan Goldsbie decided to bite the bullet and pay to see the full video.

If anything, the actual context makes the statement in the short excerpt even worse:

In addition to the antisemitic statements from the excerpt, McInnes further stated in the full video that Jews were not grateful enough to Anglo-Saxons, that a special tribute to the Brits for creating Israel should be added to the Holocaust Museum, and that Jews have an instinctive hatred towards "White people."

Yep, the context certainly does help to clear things up.

Also these nuggets:
By the way, I’ve said this theory on the show before, but I think one of the reasons [MacArthur] stayed in Asia for so long and was so determined to help them is ’cause his fuckin’ concubine.... She was a Filipina, I think he was fucking. He brought her to the White House once. And I think she was one of those rice balls that had a fat ass. And speaking from experience, I know those are hard to quit. I would want to stay at war to keep those things alive

Palestinians are stupid Rottweilers. And I had a Rottweiler before. And the way we would discipline him is we’d punch him in the face really hard... a Rottweiler, you go [punch] in the face, and it’s like flicking his nose or something. He goes, “Oh. Okay. Cool. ‘Don’t piss on the carpet anymore,’ I got it.” And that’s what the Palestinians think when they see this wall. They go, “Oh, you’ve established yourself as the alpha. I’m a pussy. I appreciate it.”
Why don’t we take back Bethlehem? Why don’t we take back Northern Iraq? Why don’t we start our own Crusades? That’s what the Crusades were. They weren’t just someone picking on Muslims for no reason. They were a reaction to Muslim tyranny. We finally fought back.
Still, his efforts at damage control may have lost him his new friends while failing to convince others angry at him that he was properly chastened:

The lesson from this that some alt-right folk take is one that Ezra has seemed to have embraced some time ago - never say you were wrong or apologize:

Ezra appeared to be following "Woz Lee's" advice to a tee, though he also seems to want to have his cake and eat it too:

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out over the coming days and weeks.

UPDATE: Faith Goldy is really bad at trying to be helpful.

"Jew-owned media"?!?!

That's supposed to make The Rebel appear to NOT be antisemitic, conspiratorial, loons?

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