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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Paulie the Hate Propaganda Mule

Your Ward News has been.... well.... in the news again:
Toronto police are again investigating Your Ward News for potential hate crimes, but a Thorncliffe Park resident who was one of the first to call on Canada Post to stop delivering the publication doesn’t believe criminal charges will result.
Your Ward News, which bills itself as “the world’s largest anti-Marxist publication,” is a bizarre collection of anti-Marxist rants, stream of consciousness rambling, essays linking Jews to Communism, and assorted anti-gay an pro-Nazi articles. The tabloid also employs photographic collages that invariably include Nazi imagery and other photos and articles portraying Jews as evil. The winter cover includes a manipulated image of Jewish financier George Soros, with horns, wearing a tunic emblazoned with the satanic number 666 and the Star of David.
YWN has been a going concern for some time, but particularly since James Sears (aka "Dimitri the Lover")  took over as editor when the rag became an overt vehicle promoting Sears' misogynistic, antisemitic, and racist views.

For example:

The above missive refers to the Liberal government's decision to order Canada Post to stop delivering it to Toronto homes, but creeper Sears has continued publication and has started distribution privately. In the meantime, TWN has lost almost all of its advertisers save those with direct links to Sears and YWN. And of course fellow creeper Paulie has been boosting the rag for some time as well:

On a related note, and once again, ew!

Which actually brings us to Paulie's more recent involvement with YWN.

Fromm has been in Europe for a couple of weeks now attending a number of events, including the birthday shindig for Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson in Germany where he hung out with other Holocaust deniers such as Michèle Renouf and Ursula Haverbeck:

Paulie was also in the UK at the London Forum (along with yet another infamous Holocaust denier, Richard Williamson), though the rather secret event became decidedly unsecret, much to the chagrin of the organizers:
Neo-Nazis allowed to hold secret meeting at central London hotelAshitha Nagesh for      Tuesday 7 Feb 2017 10:30 am 
Protesters from London Anti-Fascists attempted to blockade the entrance to the Holiday Inn in South Kensington, where the extremist group The London Forum were meeting.
Activists claim they managed to shut down the meeting, causing it to finish prematurely.
The London Forum, which protesters describe as a ‘neo-Nazi, white supremacist’ group, had listed Jason Reza Jorjani as a keynote speaker – a close associate of white supremacist Richard Spencer. 
Spencer first shot to public infamy when footage emerged of his followers shouting ‘Hail Trump!’ and giving Nazi salutes at one of his speeches went viral.
In a disturbing clip from one of their meetings, Turner tells the audience – to much applause and cheers – that ‘the Holocaust is a myth’, that claims of there being gas chambers are ‘absolute rubbish’, and that ‘the only people who won the Second World War were the Jews – the real losers were white people everywhere’.
By the way, this is Richard Spencer.

Sorry, but you have to admit it is a catchy tune.

The protest in London was apparently peaceful, however "free speech advocate" Paulie didn't like it when people inconvenienced him when exercising their freedom:

It is here that things get a little weird.

Or not. I mean, it is Paulie after all.

Accompanying the missive written by former British National Party candidate Adrian Romilly and posted by Paulie, was this photo:

Paulie posing with a copy of Your Ward News in merry ol' England.

Now, we don't doubt that YWN was one of a number of publications Paulie brought with him for the show and tell portion of these events. And while we aren't sure of the legality of bringing in Holocaust denial propaganda into the UK, we're pretty sure that it is really, really, illegal to smuggle said propaganda into other countries.

Say, Germany for example:

Well, then. Sears even kindly provides photographic evidence.

That's certainly convenient, as is the other photo posted to the YWN website:

The fella on the left is Monika Schaefer's brother. He, like his sister, is a Holocaust denier (seems to be a running theme on this article) who has himself run afoul of Germany's laws regarding Holocaust denial. Holding a document in which past editions contained articles such as these can't be all that helpful to his case:

So, can we expect Paulie to start smuggling in more copies of YWN into Germany?

More to the point, will German authorities be sure to check if he is smuggling Holocaust denial propaganda into Germany?

If only there was a way to let German authorities know?

German Embassy and Consulate contact information

German Federal Police contact information

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