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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump Train Derailed: Canadian Supporters Respond

You would have to be living under a rock to not be aware of what has become known as the "Trump Tape" in which Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks about sexually assaulting women on a hot mic:

In part as a result of the tape and, perhaps, his crude dismissal of it as mere "locker room" banter, Trump has seen his support collapse. Though things could change between now and November 8, it seems very unlikely that he will be the next president, despite what his supporters believe.

In Canada, Trump is generally reviled by most Canadians despite their political leanings. But that doesn't mean that he is without support in Canada, albeit from a relative fringe component of the population. Many of those Canadian fringe Trump supporters, both individuals and groups, are well known to our readers.

We're sure that our readers will not be in the least surprised that Ron Banerjee loves him his Trump.

This may be in part owing to Trump's statements regarding Muslims and Muslim-Americans, though if it is possible Banerjee is even more extreme in his views:

Banerjee often combines his hatred of Muslims with his violent misogyny: 

It then should not surprise our readers that not only does Ron Banerjee continue to support Trump, but has threatened women with retribution should Trump lose the election as a result of their vote:

Oh, before we continue, we should explain the "#repealthe19th" hashtag. When it was reported that Trump would lose badly if only women were voting, but would still win the electoral college if only men's votes were considered, Trump's supporters unironically began to demand the repeal of the amendment granting women the vote.

Yeah, we're at that point now.

But we digress....

We actually have to give Banerjee some back-handed credit. At least he's consistent in his anti-Muslim and misogynistic (and anti-Sikh, anti-Christian, homophobic, etc) bigotry, though this consistency isn't exactly something to be especially proud of.

Such consistency is not found elsewhere.

For example, PEGIDA Canada has quite a history of indicting all Muslims when one or more are accused of unwanted sexual contact:

But when a number of women with stories of unwanted sexual contact with Donald Trump have come forward, the folks at PEGIDA Canada are less receptive:

An even more extreme example of cognitive dissonance ca be found at III% Canada. Regarding Muslims accused of groping women, their reaction is laced with violence:

Their rhetoric concerning the accusations about Trump are equally violent.... towards his accusers.

Apparently the women are too unattractive to be sexually abused.

And no, as much as we would wish we were exaggerating, that's characterization is not at all hyperbole:

Then there is James Sears, sex offender and editor of "Your Ward News" who recently published an article in the latest edition of the rag which suggested the execution of Judy Foote by Trump:

In a series of Twitter posts, Sears combines both antisemitism and misogyny in a novel defence of the Donald:

Paulie, on the other hand, is a bit of a purist, opting for the Jewish conspiracy route:

We could go on (the bile coming from Doug Ford as well as Ezra Levant, Lauren Southern, and Faith Goldy from "The Rebel" is especially juicy from a hypocritical standpoint), but we think we've delved into the sewers enough for today and this writer needs a long, cleansing, shower to feel clean again.

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