Thursday, July 21, 2016

PEGIDA Canada Comments on Republican National Convention and Black Lives Matter

Watching the dumpster fire/hate fest that is the Republican National Convention, this writer decided to check in on one of the groups being monitored by ARC. Since we haven't looked at PEGIDA Canada in a while, we figured we'd take a gander to see if they had written anything:

Indeed they had, though the first comment wasn't so much on the convention as it was on the protests. Specifically, PEGIDA Canada posted this article in which a Muslim-American decided to show up with a firearm. Now, he certainly wasn't alone as numerous Trump supporters were also armed, Ohio being an open carry state.

The members/supporters at PEGIDA Canada were all pleased to see this Muslim-American exercising his Second Amendment right to bare arms, proving that he was supported those values that they believed other Muslim-Americans lacked.

Just kidding!

No, they openly called for his murder:
PEGIDA Canada also posted a link to a story regarding the prayer from a Muslim Trump supporter (apparently they do exist) and the subsequent hostile reaction from at least one Trump delegate:

It again seems that the PEGIDA Canada members had their own views that mirrored those of that Trump delegate:

Closer to home, a leader in the Canadian branch of the Black Lives Matter movement posted a Facebook article that noted the shooter in Baton Rouge who killed three police officers had nothing to do with BLM, but with the sovereign citizens movement (which, interestingly, is a philosophy supported by some PEGIDA Canada supporters who also consider themselves to be III%ers). The post went on to note that regardless, those who wish to malign BLM will link the murderer to the movement anyways, just as many of these same people attribute group guilt to all Muslims because of the Nice attacks (which, by the way, victimized a hell of a lot of Muslims):

The response of the good supporters of PEGIDA?

They wish to shut her up, many violently:

By the way, we're sure our readers can pick up to "subtle" racism in the posts in which the citizenship of people of colour is questioned, as opposed to that of "real" Canadians or Americans.

That's not a glitch in the system. That's a feature of PEGIDA Canada:

So to sum up, PEGIDA Canada, a group that claims to be supporters of freedom and "Western values" when confronted with people exercising their freedom to worship and speak/protest (and in the case of the American, bare arms), their response is to wish for those people to be killed, injured, or otherwise shut up.

Freedom for me, but not for thee.

By the way, regarding the information that a significant number of victims of the Nice attack may have been Muslims, Patti Gardner (also a PEGIDA Canada supporter) seems quite happy with that possibility:

For a change?

And regarding the BLM, she's learned a new term:

She seems nice.

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