Monday, December 07, 2015

Your Ward News: Birds of a Feather

While we haven't written a great deal about Your Ward News or the current editor James Sears since our last article, the antisemitic, misogynistic, and racist Toronto publication continues to be a going concern. A group in Toronto has been working successfully at convincing businesses to stop advertising in the publication. The number of advertisers has dropped precipitously, however there are still a few holdovers such as these ones found in the December 2015 edition:

The good folks in the Toronto group found something especially interesting about the Gutter Experts' Petrus Zuidervaart:

Teen sexually assaulted after answering room-for-rent ad
Aug 20, 2010

A man faces charges after a teenage girl was sexually assaulted Wednesday, Aug. 18.

Police allege a man posted an ad for a room for rent. A 16-year-old girl contacted the man, who identified himself as Peter.

On Wednesday, a suspect picked up the girl at home and drove her to a house where she was sexually assaulted.

Petrus Zuidervaart, 53, has been charged with invitation to sexual touching and sexual assault.

The irony that an ad for a lawyer specializing in defending clients accused of sexual assault isn't lost on us, though to be fair given Sears' own history it isn't entirely unexpected either:

In spite of this, James was an incredibly bright student, studying at the University of Toronto. He was, however, not devoid of mental health issues. As a 3rd-year medical school student and a member of the Armed Forces Medical Officer Training Plan, his discordant mental state started to become well-documented; notably, James suffered from substance-abuse problems, compulsive masturbation issues, constant sexual harassment of others (including masturbating to women over the phone), and general anti-social behaviour, becoming shunned by his colleagues because of his offensive conduct.

After graduating medical school in 1988 (and being found “competent for unsupervised practice”), James undertook psychiatric treatment at the Clarke Institute where it was advised that he suffered from such psychiatric illness that successful rehabilitation was unlikely. This conclusion would be confirmed after Sears admitted to two counts of sexual assault against one 34-year-old woman and another 26-year-old woman, both of whom accused Sears of inappropriate touching and verbal sexual propositions, so intense that each woman feared for her own safety.

As a result, James Sears would be stripped of his medical license in 1993 — years after the grim diagnosis of his unlikely rehabilitation was made.

The actual hearing details are found here:


We've also learned that former Heritage Front voice Gary Schipper has been hospitalized, leaving Sears to write much of the rag himself, or so it would appear.

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