Friday, December 11, 2015

Free Dominion Lost Appeal

Hey, remember when Richard Warman sued Free Dominion and a number of "John Does" (some of who's identities were learned, thus losing "John Doe" status)? And remember how excited the Free Dominion Folks were that they would be able to argue their case in front of a jury of their peers, confident that they would be able to use the opportunity to "expose" Mr. Warman?

Yeah, that didn't go well.

Instead of quitting while they were well behind, Free Dominion and the Fourniers decided to appeal, using crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe to raise the necessary cash.

Last week the Ontario Court of Appeal hear their case. Today a decision was rendered.

If it is at all possible, it went even more poorly for the respondents who are now, in addition to the general, aggravated, punitive damages as well as court costs amounting to a total of $104,900, they are now also on the hook for an additional $23,000 in court costs for the appeal.

In short, the court said that in addition to the legal merits of Mr. Warman's defamation suit being perfectly sound, that Free Dominion and the Fournier's own legal strategy did them in and as such they can't complain that it didn't work out as they had anticipated.

To further shorten, it would appear that they may not have received the best legal advice.

Shorter? Their lawyer was crappy.

As of now Free Dominion's forum is down. Perhaps for the count? Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

The Fourniers fatal error was to confuse the right to free speech with the right to defame, lie, and slander and listen to hangers ons, idiots, and lawyers with losing track records who told them otherwise. Their second error was allowing themselves to be used by people like Marc Lemire and Paul Fromm - even going to the extent of using Doug Christie's junior as their lawyer. After allowing themselves to be wound up by them and conned into doing their bidding I wonder how much Fromm and Lemire actually contributed to les Fourniers endless defence funds? Lemire may have thrown them $20 or $40 but I'd be shocked if Fromm sent them a penny.

Anonymous said...

Given that there's a unanimous decision against them by a 3-judge panel and they lost every point they'd be absolute idiots to try to appeal further or to listen to any lawyer who is greedy enough to say they should - which is why I fully expect to see a gofundme fundraiser so the Fourniers can try to take this to the Federal Court of Appeal. Of course, the even bigger idiots would be anyone willing to be conned yet again into sending the Fourniers cash to fund their folly. BTW, don't the Fourniers still have a second case against them by Warman pending? When does that come up?

Kurt Phillips said...

That's right. They are the remaining holdouts on the Cools defamation case. Every other individual named has settled and many have written retractions. Only Mark and Connie Fournier refuse to settle.

ednoral said...

The Fourniers sound ike their stubborn as well a stupid. Not willing to admit they were wrong will cost them more in legal fees. Fight on!