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July 2015 Bits and Bites: Canada Day Edition

Well, belated Canada Day. Or perhaps Canada Day +1.

We understand that some of our readers have a complicated relationship with Canada Day considering the treatment of First Nations people over the centuries and Canada's past retrogressive immigration policies that excluded people on the basis of ethnicity from coming to Canada. But do you know who shouldn't have any ambiguity about Canada Day?


Our bonehead friends more often than not refer to themselves as the much more innocuous sounding "White Nationalist," the emphasis being on the "white" part of course, but the "nationalism" portion is no less important to their identity. One of the criticisms of immigrants, First Nations peoples, and non-white Canadians (many of who's ancestors immigration histories predate those of the boneheads by decades) is that these group don't love the country like they do. The "White Nationalists" complain that the immigrants, First Nations, and non-white Canadians didn't do anything to build the country and are just here as "takers" with no fundamental loyalty to Canada:

Putting aside the fact that "RIP Canada 1867 to 1965" likely hasn't picked glacial stones out of a field or cleared brush in his entire life and is assuming the credit due his betters, this is a fairly typical missive. So, we can expect that "White Nationalists" in their zeal to show just how better they are than the unwashed hordes battering down the gates at proving how much they love this country:

Or not.

Bill Noble, who initially just posted the video he created last year, was a little more clear on what he thinks of the country:

Deciding that this wasn't quite enough, Noble posted a new video which also lent support to the Confederate battle flag:

Nearly 40 years old, seemingly marginally employed, and still acting like a petulant child.

Sort of sad.

Burning of the Canadian flag might have been a little much for the Southern Ontario "Skinhead's" resident oaf Dan Hall though:

Hall also has been trying to get Paulie to chime in. While Paulie might be big on criticizing immigrants, he doesn't seem to be keen on admonishing his fellow, "White Nationalists" who desecrate the current Canadian flag:

Thus far Paulie has deigned to respond, but the 66 year old man did post a picture of a flag the he does support on July 1:


Just.... ew.

Since we've already mentioned him, why don't we revisit Dan Hall's effort to have this blog taken down. If you remember, Hall threatened us earlier last month and we responded with this, dare I say eloquent, message

Dan evidently took this as a challenge:

We really didn't have the heart to tell Dan that freedom of information requests only deal with information requests from government agencies and despite all the available evidence to the contrary, ARC is not part of any government agency.

I mean, for fuck's sake, we're using blogger!

But we have to admit, we didn't see this coming at all:

The member who first saw this post puzzled over what he was talking about, then clicked on the link which took him here:

We aren't really sure what Hall think's he has accomplished here, but he basically created a mirror of the Anti-Racist Canada blog going back to 2011:

Yes, we do believe he has mirrored every single post on our blog on a blogger account he controls from 2011 to June 3, 2015:

But it seems that when you click on "read more" at the end of each article, the reader is sent to the original article published on the ARC blog.

So, in other words, in what we can only assume is an effort on his part to intimidate us into taking down the blog ourselves (or at least articles referring to him), Dan Hall has recreated ever single one of those articles, theoretically doubling the amount of potential readers the articles might receive, and still allows the articles on the mirror he created to go back to our blog, again potentially increasing our traffic.

Yeah Dan. You sure showed us.... I guess?

Dan. Buddy. Did you really think this through to it's logical conclusion?

Also, you efforts to declare copyright over the posts you've made on Facebook are kind of undermined when you illegally download movies from torrents....

.... then uploading them to YouTube....

.... and thus actually (and knowingly) violating copyright:

Really Dan, Foghorn Leghorn was sort of describing you when he said this.

Really Max. Even we think you could do better.

Then again, Dan might fit in after all:

He too seems to be allergic to shirts.

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