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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hi Folks. Miss Me?

I know a few people did. Hell, even Jeff Goodall sent his warm regards.

Long story short, extended hospital stays suck. The food is flavorless. The beds are too narrow. The boredom is mind-numbing.

On the other hand, the drug cocktail in the IV drip had it's moments. There were moments where I felt at one with the universe, like the time I thought I was in a deep, meaningful, conversation with a ground squirrel spirit guide, though it turns out I was just yelling at a vase filled with daisies and daffodils. The nurses reduced the amount of morphine soon after.

It does look like one of the other Collective members tried to hold down the fort while this writer was on her unexpected sabbatical, at least for a time. However more important things like life often get in the way and no one can be faulted for that.

We will however try to get back to more regular updating. It's not as if things haven't been happening. The folks on Stormfront are becoming increasingly frisky. Your Ward News, an misanthropic little rag at best of times, has gone full fascist right down the the armbands (Kinsella and BCL have been covering that file here, here, and here). Some Southern Ontario Skinhead members and former members have been acting stupid.... again.

But first, a thank you is in order.

Our readers will remember when we urged our membership to give our friend and fellow blogger a helping hand with his legal expenses. While we didn't hit the $15,000 mark, a substantial amount was raised which we hope will go some way towards defraying the costs incurred. Part of the fundraising effort involved an auction which this writer participated in. In the end, I was awarded a signed edition of Margaret Attwood's Oryx and Crake as well as John Baglow's book of poetry Journey Under the Glass. Upon my return from my hospital stay, I was greeted with a package containing these gems:

Written in John's book is this very nice message:

Thank you John. I and the other members of the Collective are very grateful for the support you've rendered us through the years, we were happy for the opportunity to reciprocate.

One person who is not as much a fan of the good Dr. Dawg as we are is Tomasz Winnicki who actually seemed to have donated to the Free Dominion judicial appeal, in part, to spite John and the efforts being made on his behalf by people who liked and respected him. Because, well.... Tommy doesn't have a lot of friends himself. Our writer was focused more on whether Mark and Connie would keep the money donated by a self-proclaimed Aryan National Socialist (they did and he isn't, by the way) but the writer of one of the articles made the following observation:

Now while they did keep the money, the Fourniers did remove Winnicki's name and comments from the campaign website. Tommy himself eventually noticed:

Sigh.... you know what's coming:

Okay, it wasn't $88, but don't tell me that our writer didn't call this like Babe Ruth's called shot?

Thanks Tommy This is for you:

Finally, in what was probably a TOTAL coincidence, not long after we started publicizing the effort to raise funds on John Baglow's behalf, Paul Fromm also began a two month campaign to raise $30,000 to appeal the McCorkill decision. While we didn't mention the campaign, we certainly did keep an eye on it. That two month effort to raise $30,000 ended a little after midnight and it was a wild success:

Wait, did I write, "success"?

Yeah, I should have written embarrassing failure.

That's really got to hurt. So, who donated? One name jumps out:

We wonder how much Paulie himself contributed?


wolfer said...

Sorry to hear that you were hospitalized.

Did you fall out of your treehouse while you were sieg heiling Martin Luther King?

Tomasz Winnicki said...

I was starting to get worried. So now you know a little bit what jail feels like. Maybe you can understand now a little better my hatred for you, Warman, anti-White judges, lawyers and the system as a whole. Though if you leftists advocated for segregation, I wouldn't have as much problem with you.

On the bright side, Stormfront recently passed 300,000 members, VNN 10,600 passed members and you have 114 followers ;)

Nosferatu200 said...

I WISH I had a tree house! That would be so cool!

Tomasz: That was almost heartfelt coming from you Tommy. My god.... am I the closest thing you have to being a friend?

There is a difference though between my stay in the hospital and your stay in jail. My stay was the result of an unexpected serious injury. Your stay was the result of being an asshole.