Sunday, January 20, 2013

Arnie Lemaire (BlazingCatFur) Settles With Warman

Sounds like this might be another in our, "Don't @#$% With Richard Warman" series:

Richard Warman is pleased to confirm settlement of his libel action against Arnie Lemaire (aka BlazingCatFur) on terms acceptable to the parties including removal of all material identified in the current statement of claim.

Interesting. Seems that Arnie might have been a bit overconfident when he posted an article regarding the case followed by these comments:

 Perhaps the fundraiser wasn't as successful as Arnie had hoped?


Anonymous said...

So I guess this means the money raised in FD's last minute fundraising drive for Arnie all goes into the warchest Richard Warman is using to fund his lawsuit against Free Dominion. Kinda ironic that, don't you think? Wonder if Arnie knew that would be happening when he accepted their charity?

Harry Abrams said...

Pretty quiet over @ Freedo since Blazing Cat Box tapped out.

Kurt Phillips said...

You know Harry, I thought that as well and was initially surprised. Then I remembered when one of the "John Does" settled with Warman. He made a quick apology to Warman on FD which Connie quickly locked and sent down the memory hole. I don't think, and I could be wrong about this, that there was ever even acknowledgement of the settlement. I suspect the same will hold true in this case and little, if anything, will be said about it on the Free Dominion boards

Harry Abrams said...

My guess is that at law, Catbox's rolling over will make it exponentially more difficult for Freedo to get any kind of traction anywhere they now go.. & especially because I think this whole tar and feather hate campaign was nurtured there so long and wide...If the Freedo folks have any synapses left at all they should settle too and soon... maybe that's already in the works anyway. It's one thing to pull together donations to make up a couple of thousand $$ for periodic litigation, but quite another gig to pay for weeks in court, especially if they lose.

Kurt Phillips said...

I stand corrected: