Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Request of Our Readers This Holiday Season

We haven't written much here this month for a variety of reasons, mostly because there hasn't been all that much to write about (though we do have an update, very much belated now, related to Topham which we may or may not include later). But also for some very personal reasons that this writer won't go into in detail, we decided that we wanted (needed) a break from the negativity.

However we write now to make a request of our readers.

There is a hell of a lot of need right now and it might be easy to forget that fact when we are celebrating with our families.

We aren't asking that you donate specifically to the Salvation Army (though it is easy and available) but there are a lot of very worthy charitable organizations that exist, be they religious or secular. And you don't have to donate money. Your time is also valuable; volunteer to deliver Christmas hampers or serve at a soup kitchen. Take a look at your closets to see if there are warm jackets that you no longer need or your children have outgrown.

There is a lot of need, but despite the content of this blog which exposes the ugliness of humanity, we also believe in the inherent goodness of most people, not mater their ethnicity, creed, gender, etc.

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