Sunday, April 29, 2012

Secret Facebook Posts: A Disturbing Glimpse into the Thoughts of Kyle McKee

Although we are troubled (an understatement) that Kyle McKee's actions harmed more people, we are cautiously optimistic that these same actions, as well as the weapons charges, will result in a lengthy prison sentence this time.

Over the course of the past year and a half, we have been privy to McKee's activities on Facebook. And while we've always known that McKee was a dangerous individual, his posts on his own Facebook profile have resulted in some significant actions on our part which we will not discuss at this point in time.

However, as he is now in remand and likely to remain there and, if found guilty of the most recent charges levelled against him, will remain in custody for a significant amount of time, we have decided to share some of the screen shots that we were able to grab.

We first start, as we often do, with McKee's relationship with Paul Fromm:

In this case, McKee is specifically referring to this effort:

We've already discussed how the veil of respectability Paulie tried to maintain had fallen off exposing him for the hate-filled bigot that he truly could never hide anyways, but his active support for McKee has still always been more than a bit troubling given McKee's overt desire and willingness (not to mention his active involvement in) engaging in violence:

The above references the then upcoming, "White Pride" march in Edmonton. We now know that later that evening McKee and two others are alleged to have assaulted to men at a liquor store.


The second two screen shots are lyrics from the White Power bands Chingford Attack and Final War respectively so it shouldn't be a surprise that his reading material mirrors the music he listens to....

.... or his sense of humor:

The second of the screen shots above is in reference to the home invasion and assault of Jason Devine and his friend, but the first with the reference to leaderless resistance is telling since many of his later posts refer to doing, "what needs to be done."

And what "needs to be done?"

And what exactly is it that McKee admires about Russian neo-Nazis?

Their propensity for violence, of course:

We followed the link and found this blog post:

McKee believes the murder of these two men is an example that should be followed by Canadian neo-Nazis (incidentally, in 2007 a Russian student was arrested for inciting racial hatred due to his circulating the video online).

And if there is any question at all as to whether McKee is advocating for this type of activity, this should effectively deal with that question:

We wonder if it might be a good idea for the police to look into unsolved crimes with the above screen shots in mind?

Canada is just a little bit safer with McKee behind bars.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, some of those later posts actually have glimpses of proper spelling and maybe even a hint of grammar... you sure Ms. "Sonne" isn't writing his posts still?

Kurt Phillips said...

Definitely not her. It was very clear that he and she were not together when he wrote those.

Anonymous said...

He and She are not together, He has a New " she" According to what Has been put together, I believe Paul Mcgraws Niece