Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paul Fromm: The Veil of Respectability Slips a Little More

You know it's amazing what a few weeks off will do for one's mental well-being. On April 1 when I announced I was taking a break from the blog, I really wasn't intending on coming back, at least not any time soon. But after a weak of tanning, reading, and drinking, I felt a lot better. And when I returned from my vacation, I learned that Kyle McKee, Bernie Miller, and one other dude had been arrested.

So I'm back. Miss me?

One person (among the many I'm sure) who hasn't missed me is Paulie. I wanted to send him a note of Facebook letting hims know I was back, but sadly, found only this:

The page you requested was not found.

You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.
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Tsk, so soon after being purged the last time. Paulie is going to be mighty angry.

We expect that Paulie will be back again, but I thought I would share with our dear readers some of the wit and wisdom posted to his profile before he was most recently, and unceremoniously, dumped by Facebook again.

We were away during the seventh anniversary of the death of Wolfgang Droege, one of the founders of and first official leader of the Heritage Front. But Paulie remembered and wrote some lovely comments about the convicted felon.

We wonder how Marc Lemire, the second leader of the Heritage Front, remembered his old friend?

But, but, but.... you've always said that you were opposed to ALL immigration, even from European countries! You mean, you've been lying to us!? Shocking and hurtful. We thought so much more of you Palie.

Well, actually we didn't think much of you at all.

All this is great, but our favourite is this one:

Wait, what was that again?

And there we have it. Paulie finally admits publicly what we've all known for decades.

Our long time readers know the dude next to Paulie in the photo is Max, leader of the B&H chapter in London, ON. How did he spend the last few days?

Max has further confirmed our theory that boneheads are either allergic to shirts or they have very sensitive nipples.

We wonder is Max missed us as well?

First, thanks again Wes (one would think he'd have tightened things up on his profile by now). Second, I'm afraid the following song comes to mind Max:


Jonathan Besler said...

I missed you. When you're not wasting your talent fomenting trite propaganda and censoring truth, you can actually turn out a decent article.

Anonymous said...

D-D-D-D DON'T WANT, DON'T WANT, DON'T WANT... lulz. Oi NOS, glad to see ya back in fine form! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Baby Dick! LMAO!

Kurt Phillips said...

Oh, Jonathan. That's lovely! We always knew boneheads were among our most avid readers.

But don't think for a moment I'm going to join the harem you're trying to build.

Anonymous said...

why is it that the boneheads, the ones with the lowest IQ,are always the most condescending?

reminds me of the idiots over at FD