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Saturday, November 26, 2016

James Sears and Paulie Pimping Out Troubled Teen

Meet Veronica Bouchard.

Our readers have likely already heard of her already. Using the pseudonym "Evalion" (because these types always seem to enjoy engaging in self-aggrandizement), 19 year old Bouchard has made a bit of a name for herself in the neo-Nazi online speaking circuit, at least so far as YouTube and Twitter go. As such hate vloggers are a dime a dozen, her notoriety primarily stems from the fact that she is young, reasonably attractive, and most importantly, female.

In other words, in the sausage party that is the white nationalist movement, she stands out as a novel distraction.

But notoriety amongst white nationalists inevitably results in notoriety amongst decent people.

So this happened:
Ontario teen who called for ‘white’ Canada has laptop seized by CBSA 
By Christina Stevens Senior Reporter Global News
And this:
Formal hate crimes complaints filed with police over GTA teen YouTuber 
By Christina Stevens Senior Reporter Global News

Since her msm debut, Bouchard has complained about harassment by said msm: who have had the audacity to try to contact her:

Christ! Is she a Victorian-era dowager?

You're 19. You are an adult.
The thing is, Bouchard herself had no problem trolling others prior to her infamy. And while young, at 19 years old Bouchard is legally an adult and as such has made herself fair game in the sense that she can't expect that she won't face criticism and consequences for her views. However she still seems to think that while she attacks people who've views she objects to with impunity and doesn't expect the same in turn.

Really, she's trying to eat her cake and have it too.

That said, she is indeed young and we and others imagine pretty impressionable despite her claims to the contrary which is one of the reasons (among others) that we haven't spoken about her sooner. However Bouchard's age hasn't stopped James Sears of "Your Ward News" and Paulie from trying to exploit her:

Two points.

First, we on the blog are going to avoid using the term "alt-right" as best we can unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Instead, we're going to refer to them as exactly what they are; Neo-Nazis and boneheads.

Second, are we the only people who's skin crawls when Paulie speaks about young women the way he does? Yes, Bouchard is legally adult, but Jesus! Paulie is a former teacher and old enough to be her grandfather while Sears, in his 50s, has his own long record of gross lechery:

As for Paulie's predilections, the less unsaid the better.

But at least their promotion of Bouchard couldn't get any creepier.



Just.... wow.

They actually went there.

In any case, we aren't surprised that Sears and Paulie have decided to promote Bouchard since exploiting new blood is sort of their shtick. It's not like they haven't done this before. And that didn't end particularly well for that particular young ingénue.

So to sum up, when we thing Veronica Bouchard, we can't also help thinking of Michelle Erstikaitis.

In any case, the much hyped coming out social for Ms. Bouchard had to be postponed:

Yeah, that strikes us as totally made up (especially considering we know that the "Picciolini" mentioned is not a part of any pedophile group), a suspicion that we think was likely confirmed with Paulie's later admission:

Well that's a damn shame.

Hope they called 911. ;)

1 comment:

Elisa said...

I see shades of myself in Veronica's trajectory... I was interviewed by the National Post and other media this week about how the white supremacist movement manipulates young girls (often underage) as a way to soften the image of the radical right-wing. I don't think Veronica's story will end well. B'nai Brith and CIJA have lodged complaints to the Attorney General. I think it's very likely she will be arrested and/or get into more trouble than she can handle. Sadly, teenage girls are used as pawns in the white supremacist movement, and spat out when they cease to serve a purpose.