Saturday, June 11, 2016

"YWN" Writer Can Dish It Out, But Can't Take It

A few days ago we posted an article noting the decision by Judy Foote which ordered Canada Post to stop delivering the neo-Nazi rag "Your Ward News." Now, we would further note that the order doesn't preclude editor James Sears from publishing the rag online or finding other means to distribute the paper door to door. In fact, a message on Paulie's wall posted by Southern Ontario Skinhead member Dan Hall suggests that Sears may be looking to employ neo-Nazis just for that purpose:

Of course, that hasn't stopoed Lawrence McCurry from engaging in a little bit of online histrionic crying and gnashing of teeth:

Then again, McCurry's freedom of speech/freedom of the press bona fides might be called into question when the rag he writes for has been promoting book burning for more than a year now:

The Collective sent a message to Mr. McCurry in which we succinctly stated that "Your Ward News" wasn't being censored by the government, but that the government also has no obligation to disseminate trash on Sears' and co.'s behalf:

By the way, is it ironic that someone who routinely accuses the government (and ideological opposition) of being incompetent communists who are not capable of doing anything as good as the private sector is now angry the same incompetent communists will no longer deliver his hate propaganda door to door, thus throwing "Your Ward News" to the mercy of the private sector to deliver their hate propaganda?

Oh, but "Your Ward News" isn't hate propaganda according to McCurry. It is merely satire and people who don't like it should just find a sense of humor:

We figure we would test the limits of Lawrence McCurry's sense of humor, so we replied to another one of his posts noting the physical similarities between himself and a character from 1989's "Batman":

So, did McCurry find us funny?

Guess not.

Perhaps there was something off in our delivery?

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