Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mayhem Show in Montreal Monday

We've been taking a lot of time away from the blog and haven't been checking our email lately. Managed to catch this from our friends in Quebec in time however:

We’d like to spread the word about a show happening in Montreal in Monday, January 12, where the bands Mayhem, Watain and Revenge will be performing at Club Soda.

The band Mayhem from Norway is headlining this show. Mayhem’s drummer Hellhammer  has made racist, white supremacist and homophobic statements in past interviews.

In the book “Lords of Chaos”, Hellhammer is quoted in an interview saying,“I'll put it this way, we don't like black people here. Black metal is for white people.... I'm pretty convinced that there are differences between
races as well as everything else. I think that like animals, some races are more ... you know, like a cat is much more intelligent than a bird or a cow, or even a dog, and I think that's also the case with different races." 
We’ve attached pages of this book for context.

Later, in an interview taken from the film “Until the Light Takes Us” (2009) Hellhammer “honours” fellow musician Faust (member of the band Emperor for his murder of a gay man (or in his words, a ‘fucking faggot’) in 1992.  Please see the interview for yourself:

Fascists, white supremacists, and homophobes are unwelcome in our scenes. We’re taking a hard stance against this show, and plan on having a vocal presence outside. We will be meeting at the corner of Rue St Catherine and Blvd St. Laurent at 8:00 pm on January 12, and would love to have support from anarchists, anti-racists, rad queers and allies and  everyone else who can’t stomach this bullshit.

We would also like to invite people who are attending this show to ask themselves how they justify ignoring the racism and homophobia communicated by this band?

Fuck racists

Fuck fascists

Fuck homophobes


The relevant documents are as follows:


Anonymous said...

I'll just leave this here...

Anonymous said...

LOL this a joke, right? This guy even is white! Hahaha! I think the extreme cold of Scandinavia froze his brain and he seeing himself with white skin and with blue eyes. C'mon ,This guy is brown a lot. Fuck the racists!