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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part XI

Our readers have likely noticed that our output has been rather limited of late. In part that's due to not having as much to cover here as we rework some of our intel gathering strategies.

The other reason is we just haven't felt like writing all that much. And a lot of what has been published has been really labored (to those who have made mention that we have been phoning it in, it's not as if you're telling us something we weren't already well aware of ourselves).

Hey, everyone goes through lulls. 

Regardless of our current state of ennui, we thought that it would be appropriate before 2014 ends to include one more article in our long running series on a very special group of boneheads.

More on Dan Hall another time, but he does bring up a pertinent question. What IS up with Brodie Walsh?
Our readers will recall that Mr. Walsh had an eventful sojourn with the Southern Ontario "Skinheads" that ended quite abruptly. Not long after his forced departure, Mr. Walsh suggested in a Facebook post that he was relocating to lovely British Columbia, which is in part what Mr. Dan Hall is alluding to in the above screen shot.

But no, Brodie has not moved to BC. He is still living in London, though he hasn't been very comfortable with the attention his open Facebook profile has been receiving:

We blocked out the url because for some reason Brodie decided to post a link that lead to the profile of a young woman who is clearly not Walsh instead of his own Facebook profile. We assume he did this because he's an idiot. Also, we do enjoy his petulance when confronted with what we thought to be an obvious reality that posting your new profile link on a profile you believe compromised might just result in the new profile being compromised as well. Again, we assume he did this because he is an idiot. He does eventually get it right though:

We were actually ready to consign Brodie to the past and ignore him as someone we didn't need to pay attention to any longer. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, this happened:

Brodie Lopez? Uhm.... isn't Walsh....?

No. Never mind.

Now, we actually aren't opposed to helping a person who is willing to change and be better people. Had we read Brodie's message earlier, we would have contacted him to let him know that it was far too soon to do as he had requested, but if he kept out of trouble and made amends for the harm he had caused we might, one day, consider his request. We would at least have entered into a conversation.

But our readers will notice that we wrote, "had we read Brodie's message earlier." Because only four days later, Mr. Walsh was a lot less conciliatory:


Does Walsh mean the same legal action he threatened us with before

Or the legal action Walsh threatened when the "London Free Press" wrote a story about his use of their photo of his arrest (one of the numerous we have covered here) as a Facebook banner?

For someone who has written such nasty things about the police and "rats," Brodie sure is quick to invoke the threat of the authorities.

This brings us to another SOS misfit:

Ah, Jeremy Crawford. Throwing up the ol' seig heil without considering the irony of the act in relation to his musical interests:

If Hitler wasn't a fan of jazz or swing, then we could only imagine what he would have thought of contemporary urban music. 

But that isn't important. What is important is that Crawford received that t-shirt he appeared to desperately want so badly:

Not that he wears it a lot. Crawford appears to be suffering from the same vestiphobia that afflicts other who share his particular worldview, though it does afford him the opportunity to show off all those "White Power" tattoos he likes to brag about:

Crawford is quite the firecracker though, as he has proclaimed his desire to start an SOS chapter in the lovely city of Sarnia:

So, if you want to join Jeremy Crawford's SOS chapter, the email address is  arc.collective200(at) Feel free to contact "them" at that address just as the head of the Sarnia chapter did several months ago.

But not everyone seems to be as receptive to Crawford's invitation:

Now it's one thing to have someone angry at you for being a bonehead. It's quite another thing to be laughed at for being a bonehead:

They are a charming bunch. Sort of makes one wonder why Max Hynes is considering a mail order bride from Russia:

Our readers should remember that Max here is the founder, leader, and self-styled philosopher of the SOS:

Jesus, did he use a jargon generator to construct that post?

So just what kind of chess player is Max? Here is one of his strategies for growing his gang:


You know, we would really like to be a fly on the wall as Max, Gatlin, Ryan, Jeremy, and other members of the SOS tried to hand out hate propaganda to people waiting in line for a ride on the Ghoster Coaster.

What could go wrong with that?

Happy holidays folks.


Anonymous said...

Is "race trader" like auto trader?

Sevy V said...

Robbed Bus Shelter at Wonderland ;) True story...

Anonymous said...

And this is why hate sites get shut downh


Anonymous said...

Omfg my head hurts after reading that! Also pretty sure the PC that "Trevor" was referring to was protective custody and not him (Jeremy) being politically correct. What a joke!

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Yeah bitch, you've been slacking.

Anonymous said...

So are you guys packing it in and calling it quits for the blog?

Nosferatu200 said...

Oh Tommy, you rapscallion you!

And no, not packing it in. Just taking a break and keeping an eye on things.

Anonymous said...

Lol, "pull a rob reitmeier". Fair comment.