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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Accused in Home Invasion and Attempted Murder of WWII Veteran Not What Boneheads Expected

Yesterday our newest friend Jonathan Kotyk posted the following on Stormfront:

Thankfully, the victim Ernest Côté is still tough as nails and was able to free himself from his bonds once the suspect had left; Mr. Côté was otherwise unharmed physically. Not surprisingly though, the folks on Stormfront jumped to what they thought to be an obvious conclusion:

Yep, has to be a person of color. 

Meet Ian Bush, currently in custody and suspected of the home invasion and attempted murder of Ernest Côté. It should be noted that Bush is currently accused but has not been convicted, thus any time we will refer to him in relation to the crime that took place we will be certain to use the word "alleged" liberally.

Ian Bush is the president of Bush and Associates Consulting, though given how shitty the company's website is (and considering how shitty ours looks, we kind of think we write from a position of some authority on this matter) we aren't sure we would be very confident in Mr. Bush and co. Then again, the company is registered through on a federal government website, so there is that. We guess.

We also found that Mr. Bush led a fairly active life online through Twitter:

We spent some time reading through his tweets of the last month, and found some that are rather ironic considering Mr. Bush's alleged conduct:

Real soldiers.... like Ernest Côté 
The alleged home invasion occurred on December
18, the day before this particular tweet.
We didn't go through every single tweet, but we did look at a month's worth of messages. If the boneheads had hoped that Mr. Bush was a leftist commie hippy, we think these messages might put a bit of a damper on that hope:

Yeah, it's a bit of overkill, but we sort of wanted to make a point.

Further we suspect, now that the suspect is in custody and does not conform to the preconceived expectations of the boneheads on Stormfront (and that some of Mr. Bush's views would find a welcome home on Stormfront, though perhaps it would be more fair to suggest his tweets would place him on the Free Republic or the defunct Free Dominion boards), that this story will die a quiet death on Stormfront.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He has a site? I thought it was a bunch of linked full-page capcha screens.

Apparently he's trying to write his own dictionary, too: If he had more meta keywords, the site would collapse of its own gravity.