Friday, January 24, 2014

Big News From the Aryan United Front of Kingston, Ontario!!!

Yeah. We've never heard of 'em either.

Be that as it may, earlier in the year they made a triumphant announcement on Facebook (yeah yeah we're trolling Facebook let's move on):

You know, when you're struggling to type the name of your own racist gang, you might want to consider taking some sort of remedial English class. Or, barring that, just change the name:

Yep. That was the big announcement.

So who is is the leader (and likely sole member) of this dynamic new organization?

Meet Luke Northmore of Kingston, Ontario, formerly associated with the Heritage Front chapter based in Kingston. Here he is (below) pre-job crippling facial tattoos with Wolfgang Droege, Max French, and Louis Morin:

But despite his poor spelling, don't imagine for a moment that Luke is a lightweight when he shares inspirational nuggets like this....
.... philosophical observations like this....

.... and theories concerning art appreciation such as this:

Hmmm, we're quite sure that the Lion, an animal most closely associated with Africa (though in antiquity they did extend through Asia Minor and into Greece with some current isolated populations in India) might actually qualify as a non-European immigrant.

Now by this point, some of our readers might be looking at Luke here, a man leading a self-important "group" in which he appears to be the sole member and thinking to themselves, "Gee, this guy sort of reminds of someone."

Maybe this guy?

Here's a fun fact. The Goudreau and Northmore are actually familiar with each other. You see Northmore was involved with the Goudreau in an attempt to organize a neo-Nazi concert for Kingston on Canada Day in 2000.

As the Goudreau was involved, we're pretty sure our readers won't be surprised to know that this attempt  failed. Really badly. Not long after (and in part related to) the abortive bonehead concert, Northmore and the Goudreau had a falling out.

But that was almost 14 years ago. We can't imagine that Northmore would hold a grudge that long.


We assume the "person" who moved mentioned by Northmore is our buddy Louis Morin who is now good friends with the "Nazi Mom" D.G. formerly of Winnipeg who is now living in Montreal and who also has a history with the Goudreau.

It's like "Melrose Place" but with unattractive, marginally employed, racists.

Our lead writer thinks she may have dated herself with that reference.

Since there's unlikely any chance of an alliance with "The Chairman" and the White National Front (which is sad because we think the Goudreau is sort of lonely), Northmore has turned his gaze towards another group of plucky young go-getters:


More later.


Anonymous said...

Its funny how these groups keep mentioning "cultural preservation" we are not in europe. If cultural preservation was what they are hoping to achieve. I suppose we should be living off the land and following native american traditions. How is europeans coming to this country and instilling their values by force!! any different than what is happening today?

Anonymous said...

Max Hynes is a papered rat fyi.

Anonymous said...

They're just trying to politically correct their sense of "racism", which is BS. Anyone can tell, those "said" racists only need some form of excuse, like the little clubs that get made up every so often, so they can whine about white injustice. Their movement is a broken record, and it's not moving anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Today, January 27st, we remember what happens when people like those brutes have too much power. The Jewish people still grieves over that horror.