Friday, July 26, 2019

Paul Fromm with Maxime Bernier: Pleased With PPC Immigration Platform

So rather than engaging in the usual long-winded lead up I engage in, let's just get to the point on this one:

Yep, white supremacist Paul Fromm, seen here with Max Bernier happily patting him on the back, is pleased with the PPC platform regarding immigration.

Though he's not as happy that a former PPC candidate was removed for merely posting the link to a white supremacist group with ties to terrorism:

Fromm has been a fixture on the far right in Canada since the late 1960s and has associated with such groups as the Heritage Front, Volksfront, the KKK, American Front, and the recently illegal terrorist group Blood & Honour/Combat 18 (among others):

Bernier himself has seemingly decided to throw his lot in with extremists including the Northern Guard:

Proud Boys:

ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada):

The Yellow Vesters:

And an assortment of other alt-right and racist figures:

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Anonymous said...

You'd think Paul Fromm would have figured out by now that he instantly hurts the reputation of anyone who appears in a picture with him, or anyone he even mentions for that matter. If he supports Bernier and the PPC the best thing he could do to help them is stay the heck away. I guess ARC and other people on the other side of the fence should be happy he seems unaware of this fact.

That said, most of the time when far right people show up in pics with politicians and other prominent people, the person doesn't really know who they are. Considering Bernier ousted a party member for mentioning the NA, I'm guessing that's the case here.