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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Doug Christie and Western Independence

So it would look like our favorite go-to lawyer for Canadian neo-Nazis, real Nazis and Holocaust deniers is trying to take advantage of the current 'consitutional crisis' even though things have calmed down and it appears less likely that the government will fall when it reconvenes in January. Douglas Christie writes:

For a brief moment, it looked as if the vast majority of Western Canadians were awakening to how the Canadian system really works. With the Conservative Party winning 77% of all seats in Western Canada, two Quebeckers and one Torontonian could control the House of Commons. So he pressured the Governor General into proroguing Parliament to win time to “influence” the Coalition and keep his job. Harper wants the West to go back to sleep. He doesn’t want us to ponder the truth that even if he remains Prime Minister, Canada will still be ruled by Quebec and Ontario. Why do we put up with this? Now, Stephen Harper may benefit thereby, but what do we gain by continuing to subsidize their oil and their natural gas and prop up their failing auto industry? How long can we ignore the obvious? How long are you going to allow this costly farce to continue? Free the West!
Douglas H. Christie, Leader, Western Block Party December 5, 2008
Right. We've heard this song and dance from Christie for the better part of 30 years now. In reality his association with anything to do with Western, or Alberta, separation serves to discredit a movement with very little credibility already.

But Christie is not without his fans. Long time Alberta independence promoter Glen Dundas, the new Rural Membership Chair of yet another in a long line of inevitably failed -- yes, we're making an assumption here -- Western seperatist movements (in this most recent case the group is called the Western Business and Taxpayers Association) has written very favourably of Mr. Christie on the Project Alberta web forum:

Concerned Western Canadians: 
After the National Energy Program was put in place to steel wealth from the resources of Western Canada, in November of 1980, nearly 30 years ago, the Julilee Auditorium in Calgary was filled to capacity of 2800 seats and 1000 people were turned away as Doug Christie, presented the case for Western Separation of Canada. 
Last evening, Aug 5, 2008, the Western Block Party held a meeting based on the principles of Western regions of Canada's separation from the rest of Canada. The meeting room seats were filled to near capacity as leader of the Party, Douglas Christie, gave an indisputable case for Western separation. The facts were presented and undeniable that there is absolutely no benefit for the western provinces to remain in confederation. . . nothing to gain . everything to lose because Canada has always been only about Ontario and Quebec. Now the new carbon tax will see Alberta and Saskatchewan foot 40% of the new tax bill without permission from the people! 
Listen to this interview of Doug Christie, leader of the Western Block Party in Saskatchewan by John Gormley of News Talk 980 - July 8/08 to hear the facts.

Other posters on the forum were less impressed. A selection of posts:
I don't want to be involved with anything Mr Christie has a finger in. I've read his literature and seen his website. He comes over to me as a rightwing racist a-hole. I'm just a rightwing a-hole, so we won't mix...

I will NEVER be part of anything that racist (Christie) is involved in. 
Yes, a number of years ago I read about his plans, and came to the conclusion he's not very far from a Hitler type of person. 
No thanks, you can keep him.
It seems that has been the anchor around the neck of the independence movement. Similar to the early days of Reform, where the solid knowledgable were subversed by the odd idiot. 
Reform eventually had to change stripes and its name in order to shed that negative image. 
If only there were more Alberta separatists that were...moderate?
The WBP has been "around" for a while now and hasn't accomplished anything. Clearly, Western Canada needs a new independence movement/party, one that can pick up the ball tossed to us by Ottawa now and run with it.
A somewhat defensive Dundas then stated:

"First Lady" provides the appropriate answer:
Some guys just rub 'ya the wrong way, he is one of them.

It is very telling that he does not have any links to external sites on his website; no one wants to be associatied with him.

Additionally, the parties at the Provinicial level who share a common goal, do not link to his website.

For example:
Then there are also pro-independence sites like Project Alberta or these:
None of them link to his website.

Google did find one site that linked to his, but I refuse to give them any traffic.
I will give you a hint, it has storm in it's name.
That didn't stop Mr. Dundas who later posted Christie's most recent press release on the forum. The other posters remain unimpressed.

Now, we are NOT claiming that Mr. Dundas is a racist. We would simply suggest that he consider the views of the people whom he wishes to link his name to.

Additional Links:

UPDATE: In the interest of fairness, we would like to post the following message that we received today (December 17, 2008) from someone claiming to be David Crutcher, the Executive Director of the WBTA which briefly outlines their position on Mr. Christie:
Doug Christie or anyone who associates with him will not be accepted or tolerated in our organization. 
Glen Dundas for example supported the idea of separation and had no idea what Doug Christie stood for until we revealed who Christie really is.

All westerners regardless or their race, language, culture or gender will be embraced in the WBTA. 
David CrutcherExecutive DirectorWestern Business and Taxpayers Association (WBTA)Phone: 403-607-1181Email: executivedirector@itstimetogo.caWebsites:
We would like to thank Mr. Crutcher for clarifying the WBTA's position on Doug Christie, however given the most recent posting on BigCityLib's blog concerning Ernie Slump and his attitude towards immigrants and non-conservative citizens, we still have our own concerns regarding the WBTA's inclusiveness.


Anonymous said...

Doug Christie or anyone who associates with him will not be accepted or tolerated in our organization.

Glen Dundas for example supported the idea of separation and had no idea what Doug Christie stood for until we revealed who Christie really is.

All westerners regardless or their race, language, culture or gender will be embraced in the WBTA.

David Crutcher
Executive Director
Western Business and Taxpayers Association (WBTA)
Phone: 403-607-1181

Anonymous said...

What is going on with the mom and little girl?

Anonymous said...

What a great site this is, it is however a shame there is reason for it to exist. Keep up the outstanding work. We need you!
Below is a letter I am circulating to address Ernie Slumps comments.
Thanks Dan

This letter is in response to the recent comments circulating regarding Ernie Slump. The Western Businesses and Taxpayers Association do not support any offensive remarks and or actions, particularly regarding ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. David Crutcher and our Counsel have contacted Ernie to provide him with a forum to explain his comments.

Our policy is one of inclusion and we deeply apologize to anyone this may have offended. I will keep you up to date of any new developments.

We greatly appreciate you bringing this to our attention and I look forward to any comments or questions you may have.

Warmest Regards
Dan Doherty
Vice President
Western Businesses & Taxpayers Association.