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Friday, October 17, 2008

Yet another Aryan Guard member in trouble

While we had suspected it to be the case some time ago, it has essentially been confirmed that founding member of the Aryan Guard "RN" has been sent away to jail. We know that he was found guilty of criminal activities some time ago and he was often visited by the police during the summer to check to see if he was violating curfew. We would guess that he entered jail some time around the beginning of September.

"Trenchy" (or "Trenchie"), who once sported long hair before cutting it short and then finally shaving it all off has a big neo-Nazi tattoo on his cranium, a feature that will no doubt endear him to the rest of the prison population.

If any of our favourite scumbags want to provide us with a follow-up, by all means. We're all ears.

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Anonymous said...

Please continue with more stories. This is a great source of entertainment. Immensely humorous all around!