Sunday, July 15, 2018

Day Two of Canadian Combat Coalition Rally Even More Poorly Attended: Also More Information On Neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau's Participation

Canadian Combat Coalition president Dan Dubois said yesterday that he was disappointed by the turnout at his anti-immigrant and anti-government rally on Parliament Hill on Saturday.

If he was disappointed by the dismal attendance on Saturday of no more than 100 people, then he should regard the second day as an unmitigated disaster:

At best, there were 40 people.

At best.

It's at this point I would post audio of a sad trombone, but this was so pathetic I can't even bother myself to make fun of it any more.

One interesting development though was learning more information about Kevin "No Show" Goudreau:

ARC had speculated that, given that Dubois is an avid reader of the blog, he would well aware of who Goudreau was and that his presence at this rally was a tacit acceptance of Goudreau's as a "patriot" however perversely Dubois and his ilk define the term.

Well it would appear that Dubois was not only aware of Goudreau's presence during the rally, he had interviewed Goudreau the previous evening at their camp site:

The "work beyond the past" bit is in reference to Goudreau flat out lying by claiming he isn't a white nationalist or an antisemite:

Dan Dubois is either willfully lying when he suggests he believes Goudreau's lies or he incredibly gullible. Goudreau's embrace of Nazism wasn't a youthful lark. It is a philosophy that he still very much holds to:
And if that isn't proof enough of his beliefs, some of the posts on his Twitter and Facebook profiles should put all that to rest:

Overkill? Perhaps, but even these represent a faction of what Goudreau has posted online since 2013 alone.

So congratulations Dan Dubois. Not only are you the leader of a hate group yourself....

.... you are also a Nazi apologist as well:


  1. Nos, that is actually stuff to get the cops involved in. That's some Anders Breivik shit right there. If you don't feel comfortable outing yourself, then get Scrivens, Farber, or Balgord to do it. Eventually , Kevin will shoot up a synagogue.

  2. Kevin Goudreau is beyond evil. And quite seriously mentally ill IMHO. For one man to have that much hate in him is beyond me. It makes me sick to see that there are people behaving this way and then proclaiming that they are Canadian. We are a multicultural country and that is the most beautiful thing about Canada. I love seeing so many different races and religions coming together and seeing the beauty and celebrating the things that make us different while bonding over the things that make us the same. One can hope that he gets a nice long stay in jail before he hurts someone. Although, I dread to think of ways he already has. :-(