Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brad Love Arrested in Fort McMurray

Based on recent contacts during the past few month we had a feeling that this would be happening eventually. We knew that the local media in Fort McMurray had become aware of Love and his campaign of
harassment, which evidently now includes a child raising money for a charity.

Brad Love was arrested and charged with mailing obscene materials and for making harassing phone calls. Love was a focus of one of our recent blog posts.

Edmonton Journal  
May 15, 2013

EDMONTON - A Fort McMurray man repeatedly convicted of promoting hate now faces criminal harassment and other charges.

Brad Love, 54, has also been charged with mailing obscene matter and making harassing telephone calls.

Wood Buffalo RCMP say the charges are the culmination of several police investigations that spanned several months, some involving incidents that took place a years ago. An RCMP news release Wednesday says the investigations involved several people in the community receiving “racially motivated verbal and/or written correspondence often containing extreme political views on a variety of topics including immigration laws.”

Love has been released from custody on bail and is scheduled to appear in court May 27.

It is not his first time in the news for hate offences. He has repeatedly made headlines through the years for charges under Canada’s hate crime laws, and has served jail time as a result.

In 2003, Love was sentenced to 18 months for hate crimes. According to media reports at the time, police believed it to be the longest sentence ever passed down in Canada for such offences.

In that case, he was convicted of sending hate mail to 17 people.

More to come …


  1. Tomasz Winnicki18 May 2013 at 12:21

    If you leftists are in favour of prosecution and jailing of Mr. Brad Love then you should also be in favour of prosecution and jailing of Pussy Riot 'activists'. Otherwise you just suck 'n blow just like the kosher conservatives you pretend to oppose.

  2. We aren't interested in your sex life Tom. Who you decide to suck n' blow is your own business.