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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ezra Levant's "Rebel Media" Event Provides Media Pass To Hate Group

Hey, so you know how Maxime Bernier wanted to have ridding officials for his new party sign a pledge not to embarrass him and his new People's Party of Canada? I wonder if that applies to far-right media outlets who provide press passes to hate groups who's founder was recently convicted of domestic violence?

More on that in a moment.

Since publishing the story on Keean Bexte yesterday, the media outlet "Ricochet" picked up the story and provided further details:

Mr. Bexte acted as I had anticipated:

Now this weekend Bexte was one of the speakers at a "Rebel Media" event in Calgary that was headlined by Maxime Bernier. Also speaking at the event was John Carpay whose presentation was.... let's just say not well received by decent and not bigoted people:

Though he was roundly condemned, Carplay found support in young Bexte....

.... as well as one other person folks who read this blog are familiar with:

Ryan Dean, a man who has been kicked out of every single racist and Islamophobic group he has joined including one he actually founded, has decided to chime in.

The last time ARC wrote about Dean was when he was kicked out of an NDP-sponsored anti-racism event. ARC also wrote about the ejection and made fun of Dean's over-the-top cries of victimization which he responded to eventually on Twitter:

Keep in mind, Ryan says he isn't a racist:

That's right, not a racist.

And certainly not an unapologetic, unrepentant, and violent misogynist who just served a sentence for domestic assault:

Yeah, he's a charmer.

He's also not a fan of the police as our readers are already well aware:

Well you see, we already know that he isn't law abiding since he quite literally did not abide by the law and was convicted of domestic assault for his attack on a former girlfriend whom he continues to publicly malign.

But to tie this all back to the "Rebel Media" event this past weekend, Dean also posted this:

Yep, Ryan Dean and a +1 attended the event:

Dean also made it out as if his new "group" (and I use the term "group" in the loosest sense of its meaning) was a sponsor of the event:

This is typical of Ryan Dean's delusions of grandeur and self-importance, however in this case there's a bit of a twist.

It appears that Ezra Levant granted Ryan Dean a press pass:

Oh, Lanny! Not you too?

This. Is. Hilarious!

Ezra Levant provided a press pass for a hate group that publishes actual fake news!

Now, as absolutely hysterical as this is, we do have to remind our readers that Ryan Dean is a violent criminal who associates with others who are violent:

But for those who aren't aware of who Ryan Dean is and why this particular car wreck is funny as hell to me, I invite you to check out the following link:

Here are just a few of the low lights:

Add caption

I'm guessing the folks with "Rebel Media" vetted Dean using a Magic 8 Ball?

I mean, how can they ever expect to be taken seriously? I haven't stopped laughing since I came across this farce!

UPDATE: Oh, and it wouldn't be a Ryan Dean article if I didn't include his continued swipes at the Canadian Combat Coalition which he created then was summarily booted from:


Anonymous said...

Everything he posts is fake news. Yes he is a convicted criminal. Yes he was on house arrest. Yes he went to jail for breaching conditions. Yes he is fighting a losing battle with his kids because of his instability. Yes your tax dollars are paying for him to sit at home and try real real hard to feel like a big man. Why is he so obsessed with all the people he has wronged? Extreme narcissism! Not only is this loser a racist he is homophobic, misogynistic, and a bigot. Slow clap for the scum of alberta!

Anonymous said...

Ryan and William Majeau, Joined together in perpetual stupidity.