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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Yet MORE Far-Right "Patriot" Infighting: Sandra Solomon, Ryan Dean, and Sons of Odin

It has been a while since ARC has spoken about Sandra Solomon, or whatever name she's going with now on her multiple Facebook profiles. She was at an event in Ottawa on Parliament Hill this past week and will likely be at the anti-Muslim rally on Sunday tomorrow.

She is also doing all she can to cause an international incident including pissing off both Palestinians and Israelis which takes some real talent:

Her self-serving behavior continues to alienate her fellow Islamophobes:

We're also continuing to see Ryan Dean act like.... well.... Ryan Dean. Evidently he thinks the last article detailing both his upcoming sentencing hearing for domestic violence and his continued temper tantrum directed at the other Islamophobes who kicked him out of the group he founded was some sort of gotcha moment:

Dean seems to think Dubois and the rest of the Canadian Combat Coalition dolts are funneling ARC information. He's not entirely wrong, but it isn't happening the way he has surmised.

As with Dean, ARC has access to Dan Dubois' Facebook profile where all of this was posted. ARC merely collected the screen shots:

Dean really needs to think outside his box.

It also looks like Dean's continued temper tantrum has drawn yet another hate group into the discussion:

"How To Make Friends and Influence People" by Ryan Dean, self-proclaimed leader of the most significant "patriot" movement in Canada that no one has heard of aside from those who read ARC and then take the time to point and laugh at Dean.

Now that the Sons of Odin have chimed in, I wonder what Joey Deluca will have to say about Dean or, as Deluca once put it, MacDonalds to his Walmart?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sandras tour of 2017 cost a lot of money and foreign trips? A one month tour of Alberta. It might seem like there is some group basically paying everything and having Sandra on the payroll.