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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ryan Dean Is Genuinely A Clown

It has been an interesting 24 hours. One of the biggest stories has been the general deplatforming of the Proud Boys primarily on Facebook but on Twitter as well. The Proud Boys Canada page has been taken down and it also appears that some familiar faces, such as Tim Kelly, have had their profiles removed though it remains to be seen if this is a permanent feature.

I'll be discussing all of this, as well as the related issue of Faith Goldy returning to form after briefly trying not to speak like a white nationalist, in an upcoming post. In the meantime though, I thought the readers could use a bit of a laugh:

It looks like Ryan Dean's house arrest may very well be over. On October 30, he and one other person (at least based on the video he uploaded which I will include later) attended an anti-racism event that took place in St. Albert, Alberta. Dean is continuing to pretend that he is some sort of significant figure in the far-right movement in the country even though he has effectively alienated himself from everyone. As such he has started at least three groups in which he is likely the only member:

Member of PPCW, Ghost Squad Canada and The Clann attended the event this evening only to be thrown out and discriminated against. PPCW founder Ryan Dean and a member of Ghost Squad were blown away when the organizers surrounded the two and asked them to leave based on a post by Ghost Squad member Greg Huck an hour prior to the event.
Ghost Squad?

Wow.... just wow.

Anyway, the post that Dean claims "Greg Huck" posted is this one:

Remember folks, Dean wrote that this was posted by "Greg Huck"

He goes on to write about how hard done "they" were by the organizers who eventually asked "them" to leave:
Organizers Nigel Hakeem, a Muslim man from Spruce Grove, NDP supporter and member of the Legislative Assembly of Canada and son of Sheila Detbrenner along with Labiqa Nazar Khan, a Muslim woman and Co owner of Spot on Donair & Kebab approached the two white Canadian males with an entourage of social justice warriors. As MLA of Spruce Grove and St.Albert for the NDP watched, Hakeem first approach the two men to inform them the are aware of who they were and that if they don’t follow the communist rules of this event, we would be kicked out. Dean explained that they were there to listen and observe and promised to cooperate and act in a civil manner. Hakeem then joined his crew of leftist morons and proceeded to be gossiping like a 13 year old girl at a Nsync concert. A woman who has been identified as Teresa Colombina then approached our table and asked to speak with the African woman sitting next to us, after they returned the black woman grabbed her stuff and moved tables. Seems to me that this wasn’t an open minded crowd and we were targeted because the organizers felt intimidated by our presence and the fact that we came prepared as Hakeem made a comment about the notes that Dean was taking. That wasn’t the only preparation that was made, Ghost Squad and the Clann member was equipped with a hidden camera on himself.
I'm sorry, but I simply can't keep a straight face when I read this.

Ghost Squad!!!! Come on man! You can't actually be serious about this! You have to know how ridiculous you sound! It's like you think you are a character in Call of Duty, except instead of a special ops soldier you're a pudgy, marginally employed, domestic abuse convicted, jack ass with delusions of grandeur.
Knot head Notley along with her puppet Eggen pledged 2 million dollars into a Anti Racism Advisory Council made up of 25 snowflakes and fruitcakes who will try to find ways to remove barriers in Alberta to eliminate racism. The program information can be found at …
Thanks for the plug Ryan.
The 2 Antifa members clearly like to incite hatred and violence as we can see in their Facebook profiles. This is the type of people these globalist puppets are catering too and anyone who opposes their views then gets removed. The organizers believe in Diversity, the condition of having or being composed of different elements and the inclusion of different types of people’s including those of different race or culture. Obviously the only culture that was accepted tonight was that of the Islamic community, the LGBT and the NDP parasites. If you are a proud, white, conservative Canadian you are not included in the private world of the leftist diverse population.
He then proceeds to invite any supporters to harass the organizers and those who participated in the event.

All of this is worthy of the most merciless mockery one could muster, but remember the video I mentioned earlier? While he didn't post the superdupertopsecrethiddencamerafootage that he implies he has, he did post a self-pitying video of himself outside the venue. THIS is funny as hell!

He has spent time creating the fake persona of "Greg Huck" online (though he has been called out numerous times for this obvious fake) and evidently tried to convince people that was real by attending this event and using the "Greg Huck" pseudonym in real life.... but in his own video he forgot to take off his name tag:

I think that this is what the kids call a "self-own."

Oh, Ryan "Greg Huck" Dean, you are indeed a special kind of stupid.


Anonymous said...

WOW, he has the cognitive ability of a 4 year does he find employment?

Anonymous said...

He doesn't find employment!!sucking of the government tit.