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Monday, July 02, 2018

Ryan Dean is a Glorious Dumpster Fire

ARC hasn't been writing a great deal about Ryan "Deadbeat" Dean of late aside from his conviction for domestic abuse and his continuing vendetta against the Canadian Combat Coalition (a group he began but was kicked out of because Ryan Dean can't stop himself from Ryan Deaning). Despite deluding himself into believing he is the nexus of far-right activism in the country, Deadbeat Dean is pretty insignificant in spite of his incredibly inflated ego.

That said, it is occasionally fun watch his self-destructiveness and burning of bridges:

Deadbeat Dean is frequently given month-long bans from Facebook as a result of his lashing out at others. In this post alone triumphantly announcing his return to Facebook we see already a number of themes in Dean's writing:
1. Over the top misogyny.
2. Islamophobia and racism.
3. His vendetta against anyone who has spoken out against him, especially the leadership of the CCC.
4. Narcissism coupled with an overriding sense of victimization. 
I would also add another theme that will show up later:
5. Homophobia.  
Anyways, the comments for the preceding post are as follows:

I've decided to explore some of these themes in greater depth:

First, Deadbeat Dean is a deeply misogynistic, and angry, man which given recent events should be raise a massive red flag. He really doesn't like women and the fact that he has to answer to a woman as his parole officer is especially grating to him:

Deadbeat Dean is currently under house arrest for assaulting his then girlfriend. Of course, and not surprisingly, Dean casts himself as the real victim. It is instructive though that even writing his own justification for his behavior and casting blame for his legal problems on the woman he assaulted (and appears to continue to stalk online), he still comes across as a huge looser:

He also continues to hold particular animus towards his ex-wife whom he degrades and libels in the ugliest way possible:

When another woman rather tepidly called Deadbeat Dean on the way he wrote about his ex-wife, he attacked her with what he seems to believe is a damning accusation:

In another thread, Dean's sister admonishes him for speaking poorly of their mother in front of his children (though she also lashes out at the mother as well), a claim that he denies but, given how childish Deadbeat Dean is, is almost certainly true:

Dean seems to like women ONLY if they know "their place" however he defines it. On Father's Day, Deadbeat Dean wrote the following:

Again, Dean has difficulty with women who contradict him:

And to make certain he will never receive a Father of the Year award, he posted this as a follow-up:

Deadbeat Dean is quite the charmer. He also doesn't know when to stop:

It is at this point where Deadbeat Dean's misogyny and homophobia become interrelated:

Dean had a fit when he saw flyers promoting a family-friendly Pride event posted in the school. Not surprisingly, he decided to do something really stupid:

He followed this up with a second video:

He also sent the school administration the following email:

Is there anything that Deadbeat Dean has said or done which suggests he holds any religious views at all? And yes, he supports freedom of speech, but demands the school censors a family event because he doesn't like da gays. Finally, the impotent threat at the end is classic Deadbeat Dean.... the only thing missing is, "you're done bud" at the end.

Not surprisingly, the administration of the school Deadbeat Dean's children attend were not at all happy about him exposing the students to any danger posed by what few unhinged friends he still has and was subsequently banned from the school. Of course, he's the real victim here:

For some reason, I'm guessing that this isn't the first time that Deadbeat Dean has acted in a matter where he would be considered a threat to the safety of the students and staff, but this may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

Have I mentioned that the principal of the school is also a woman?
"You won't be able to quell us honey."

First, another example of how little he likes or respects women.

Second, have these idiots though about using a word other than "quell"?

In any case, Deadbeat Dean decided that his own legal entanglements have made him an expert on the law and as a result impotently threatened the school again and claimed to be organizing a protest:

Impotent threats, petulance, misuse of the term "communist" and overuse of the word "quell."

Classic Deadbead Dean.

Around the same time, Dean decided that he would take on the cause of Bill Whatcott who was about to turn himself in to the Calgary police to answer for charges back in Ontario:

But don't think Dean doesn't like homosexuals! Perish the thought!

Once again, Dean in complaining that a private company removed an image that violated the terms of service is a violation of his freedom of speech and expression indicates he like all his counterparts doesn't actually understand what constitutes freedom os speech and expression.

But he wasn't done:

That's right folks. Morinville, Alberta is now the hub of ISIS inspired violence because broken glass.

For some reason, the police didn't seem to take Dean all that seriously.

Finally, it wouldn't be a Ryan Dean montage without mention of his continuing vendetta against the Canadian Combat Coalition:

He remains convinced that ARC and Dan Dubois are working together to discredit him (not true, though Deadbeat Dean does a good job of that himself) and has taken to trying to sabotage CCC events:

Lately he's decided to go after a former CCC member:

One of his last posts continued on this theme:

Since June 23 Deadbeat Dean has once again been inactive on Facebook suggesting really only two possibilities:

  1. He has been banned again.
  2. He is in jail for violating terms related to his house arrest.
Ryan Dean, you are a beautiful disaster.


Anonymous said...

You should screen shoot the exchange of threepers, win nay, kazz Nowlin threatening to beat the shit out of him

Anonymous said...

I don't normally agree with ARC but your assessment of Ryan Dean is spot on, a tip though he has a few FB account including Ryan Alberta so he's not hard to find in a search.

Anonymous said...

Its gone, they must have deleted the exchange last night.

Anonymous said...

He's in the Edmonton remand currently.

Anonymous said...

He will get his eventually. He is well on his way.