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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ryan Dean Found Guilty Of Attacking Ex

The past seven days haven't been a lot of fun for Ryan Dean, former Soldier of Odin, former Guardians of Alberta vp, founder and former leader of the Canadian Combat Coalition, and founder and leader of the formerly named North American Freedom Fighters.

More on that last part in a bit.

Last Thursday we reported that Dean had been arrested at a courthouse in Edmonton where he and a few others (very few based on the photos ARC received) planned on protesting at a trial.

To note that he was a bit upset might be somewhat of an understatement:


All this being said, I can't imagine that his conviction today for assaulting his ex will be especially helpful to a man with an obvious anger management problem, though it does put this post in some context:

Monitoring Dean's Instagram account has been interesting. For example he is still furious about being ousted from the CCC. His preoccupation has become a bit of an obsession:

Dean's characterization of Dan Dubois (new leader of the CCC based now in Ontario) as a racist might be true, but it seems to me to a bit like the pot calling the kettle black here:

Ryan Dean is claiming that Facebook, a private company, is using "Gestapo" tactics by removing
a post attacking Jews and violating the terms of services. The irony is strong with this one.

As a brief digression it does behoove me to mention that Dean isn't the only racist misogynist in the NAFF. Here is his vp:

Yeah! That ingorent women!

Now ARC isn't sure when sentencing might take place, but should these screen shots make their way to the Crown, I can't imagine they will help his case much:

I have a feeling that his showing up to the town hall and making a scene would be especially ill advised.... which is probably why he's going to try.

As a conclusion, Ryan Dean looks to have rebranded the NAFF because he changes groups and group names like most people change their socks:

That's right. The group is not called the Clann.

Wow. Just.... wow.

When asked why the name change, Dean provided the following explanation:

Oh! It's all a brilliant strategy to fool/mess with the police!

Well that's a relief. I thought it was because he was a flakey rageoholic with the attention span of a goldfish, but his is a much more reasonable explanation because a name change is sure to put them off his scent. 

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