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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Toronto Alt-Right Figures Busted Flyering University of Toronto Campus

...and what men to-night 
Have had to resort to you: for here have been 
Some six or seven, who did hide their faces 
Even from darkness.
        ~ William Shakespeare, "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar"

Over the past few years, there have a number of incidents in which Canadian university campuses have been the targets of far right/alt-right flyering campaigns. Some of the flyers have been overtly racist in nature or have promoted racist organizations. In other cases the message seems more innocuous and are intended to conceal the ideology of the people posting the flyers in ways that would be more palatable to ordinary Canadians.

The "It's Ok To Be White" campaign by the trolls who frequent 4Chan is a case of the latter. The belief is that by getting "SJW's" to react negatively to a seemingly innocuous message, that it will result in others who aren't familiar with this subculture to believe that this is an over reaction:
Isn't it okay to be white? I'm white and I think that's okay. Why are people making a big deal out of this. It isn't racist.
The long-term goal is more insidious as evidenced by the other comments left on the 4Chan thread. Gradually more fascistic ideas are introduced into the mainstream until those views themselves become mainstream. Overt racism, now unacceptable in polite political discourse, becomes the norm.

Then comes those helicopter rides the alt-right basement dwellers seem so fond of.

Some who we cover here had already gotten on the bandwagon; one questions where Ronny is aware of the true nature of the campaign or if perhaps he is an easily manipulated dupe (really, this might very well be a "column A" and "column B" situation:

Let's face it, Ronny isn't exactly the brightest bulb on the porch.

On November 7, the flyering campaign targeted the University of Toronto. In the dead of night at least two groups of men placed "It's Ok To Be White" posters in a number of locations on campus.

But.... you see, the thing is, they probably weren't supposed to be caught in the act:

Two have been identified as Jesse Sanderson (aka "Winston Smith") and Devon Huxtable while a third man who's name is not known but is familiar to ARC and our readers. All three men recently attended the totally NOT racist October 21 "Trudeau Must Go" rally in Toronto organized by Ronny Cameron who guaranteed there were not racists among their numbers, despite previously commenting on posts such as this by Jesse "Winston Smith" Sanderson:

Jordan Peterson with Jesse "Winston Smith" Sanderson

Photos of the individuals in question are shown at the October 21 rally on the left and being caught in the act on the UofT campus on the right:

Devon Huxtable with UofT prof Jordan Peterson and Alexander Van Hamme of Free Bird Media

Devon Huxtable
Neckbeard dude
Jesse "Winston Smith" Sanderson
Gee, Sanderson looks pissed off at having been busted.

Do you think he's pissed off?

Yeah, he's pretty pissed off.

By the way, just an observation on my part. Feel free to accept or reject it, but if it is okay to be white....

.... then why are you guys trying so hard to conceal your identities by covering up that white skin, eh?

I mean, I just don't understand why you would be so ashamed of your ethnicity. I can only assume that you are self-loathing whites.

Such a shame. Such a damn shame.

It seems that Evan Balgord was the first to cover this story in detail. He also managed to identify the two individuals listed in this article. As a result the folks on Jesse Sanderson's Students For Free Discourse Facebook group are both angry at Balgord for helping to out them and enthusiastic about the campaign itself. However when Meir Weinstein of the Jewish Defence League commented on the overt antisemitism being posted, in the thread, things get rather interesting:

Meir Weinstein has been playing footsie with groups that are linked to antisemitic views, finding common cause so long as those groups are more overtly anti-Muslim than anti-Jew. Now while I have absolutely no love for the JDL, one has to wonder if perhaps Meir might be coming to understand that he's been in lock step with a lot of people who if they had their way would target the Jewish people he claims to be a protector of once the Muslims had been taken care of.

In any case, should Ronny throw another party like he did on October 21 and should both the JDL and Jesse "Winston Smith" Sanderson's merry band of miscreants show up, there could be a very fun show for counter-protesters to watch.

Hope springs eternal.


Katrin Kujo said...

Thanks for posting my lipstick comments �� ps we're not scared of you.

Nosferatu200 said...

That's cute, but do you really know me well enough to truly mean it?


Anonymous said...

Michelle Christou is James Sears's sockpuppet. "Winston Smith" is the pseudonym of Jesse Sanderson.

Anonymous said...

A group of men who hate themselves and blame the world for the fact they can't grow enough balls to ever speak to the woman they desire. Most of these guys are pussies who couldn't punch their way out of a wet paper bag. Fuck them, fuck Pepe, and their helicopter rides. Oh yeah fuck their pathetic signs.

Anonymous said...

Sad little Neanderthal cowards, afraid of literally anything and everything that isn't exactly like them.

I think we should loudly demand they tell us how many Jews died in the Holocaust and see the Nazis and JDL devour each other.

Anonymous said...

I like to dress up in COD cosplay and march around town too.