Saturday, September 07, 2013

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges

Earlier today the blog hit the milestone number of 1,000,000 page views. But before treating ourselves to an adult beverage and a night on the town we thought we'd write what could be considered a follow-up to two
Given the content of this article, we can think of
fewer photos more appropriate.
of our articles (here and here) dealing with the Southern Ontario Skins.

In one of our more recent articles we profiled an SOS member who was, until he was removed from Facebook, using the charming online moniker of "Yordi Jewkiller." Of course and not at all surprisingly he's back using the moniker we first got to know him as, "Odin TheCelt." But don't think his genocidal fantasies manifest themselves only in his "Yordi" persona. Not long after the SOS organized march in April 2013, Max was asked why people who claimed to be proud of their race (which is several steps below being proud of using a big boy/girl toilet for the first time, in that at least potty training actually is an accomplishment) why several members were wearing masks. Good question. Max provides one answer, though "Odin's" response says more about the character of these particular boneheads:

Oh, you're so funny Odin!

But "Odin" here is just one of a number of characters for whom this popular Internet meme applies:

Let's take the leader of this particular band of misfit toys Max Hynes, for example.

We aren't surprised that this particular charmer would suggest sexually assaulting an ARC writer. Neither are we surprised that he has such a low regard for women associated with the racist movement he is a part of:

But again, we digress.

Not long ago, Max decided that he was going to try to present himself as somewhat of an intellectual, posting the following cliche-filled mess riddled with malapropisms, poor grammar, almost non-existent punctuation, and general gobbledygook posing as something worth 25 seconds of the reader's life:

Henry David Thoreau, Max ain't. However it was enough to impress his friends, including Toronto Creator and SOS associate Wes Smith:

Then again, Wes does seem to be confused by big words, as evidenced by his critical comments about an article featuring himself. Oh, not the content of the article. The fact that if one want's to read it online, one would have to pay for it:

That's right! Because the definition of "communism" is creating a product that is sold for profit.

Oh, wait....

We sort of get the feeling that Wes would be mesmerized if we jingled a shiny set of keys in front of him.

But back to Max.

More recently, Max tried to discuss the evils of alcohol on another bonehead's Facebook profile (he begins in earnest in the third of the screen shots):

If anyone is curious to know why bonehead, "Dmitri"
has his last name concealed, well, that's a story that
will be told in a later article.

It's sort of fun reading Max rail against the demon of alcohol and appealing to authority by invoking Hitler, since boneheads for some reason seem to think that der fuehrer was a peachy keen fella. We're sure that the others would appreciate his words of wisdom on the subject.... if he hadn't posted this at the same time on his own profile which essentially undermines everything he wrote regarding alcohol:

Then again we've never accused them of being consistent.

Speaking of being inconsistent, we thought we would introduce you to one of the SOS's latest members:

Max being held in  Josh Zupancic's warm, loving, embrace.
Meet  Josh Zupancic, though the shots above don't provide a clear image of the man. If only we had a more clear photo....

That's better.

Anyways, Josh here has been having quite a good time with his new friends in the SOS as evidenced, in part, by the following:

But like all boneheads, Josh is either confused or simply inconsistent in applying his hatred. For example, his taste in music would not be, shall we say, kosher in the eyes of most boneheads:

Well, maybe it's not really a big deal. After all it's not like Josh is the only member or associate of the SOS who has a thing for urban music:

Yeah, that isn't exactly a poster of Rudolf Hess, is it Matt?
 But while enjoying hiphop might not be a deal breaker, we would have thought this might have been:

Josh might want to reconsider associating with his new friends. His old friends seem much nicer.

And finally, ol' Gatlin "Toppsy" Gooding:

Before that, we need to again take umbrage with Max's claim below:

Not so! Why, in addition to bird watching, stamp collecting, and knitting, many of our members now also participate in combat juggling! Oh, Max, you wouldn't believe the rich and fulfilling lives we lead!

In addition to his involvement with the SOS, Gatlin Gooding is also involved in other activities. Like vandalism. For which he appears to have faced certain legal repercussions:

Yes, only your Facebook friends can see this. Now, have
fun trying to figure out which one you pissed off not so
long ago and who decided to share this and other items with us.
There are others that we'll profile later on. We don't doubt that they will continue to give us ample material with which to work with.


Anonymous said...

Lol at the fuhrer 2-pack on his wall.

Anonymous said...

What a fitting acronym, SOS!

Except nobody wants to save these despicable types.

Anonymous said...

Lol max finally found a vehicle his size

Anonymous said...

I have to say i dont agree with anything ARC says, and think most of your info is one sided or made up and often silly. But fuck you are witty with your comments making some of these guys look retarded. Always a fun read.

max hynes said...

anonymous number four, I also find them amusing. some how I think these guys don't get out much and are not very popular with opposite sex. kinda like a anti racist, slightly less autistic version of winnicki. though nosferatu I do like your allusion to vintage film, seems fitting as you don't ask for the rights of peoples intellectual property ;)

Anarchist4life said...

@max hynes, What do you do for a living other than something meaningful. Oh and hows your punk girlfriend?