Saturday, September 14, 2013

Odin TheCelt (aka Yordi Jewkiller): "To be honest I do not consider myself a smart person"

There are many different reactions to our articles from the boneheads who, we are well aware, read this blog as if it is an edition of the National Enquirer. For all their talk about unity rising up to engage in glorious combat during some future race war, boneheads really seem to get off reading about the misfortunes and humiliations of their fellow travelers.

When boneheads do respond, more often than not we are sent rambling messages that are an invitation to make more fun of boneheads. Other times the boneheads can't help but laugh at our pithy observations, such as Wes Smith of Toronto regarding this article from September 7:

And other times we are sent threats about what the bonehead is going to do to us if he catches us, much like "Odin TheCelt" (aka "Yordi Jewkiller") did when he left the following comment on the blog:

Hey it is me Odin keep posting pictures of me and your going to get whats coming to you . consider this your final and only warning this is not a threat.

Uhm, not a threat? Sure sounds like a threat to us.

Oh! We get it! The implication "Odin TheCelt" is trying to make is that it's not a threat.

It's a promise!!!!


Fuck you "Odin TheCelt."

It was cute though that you thought you could threaten us into submitting to your demand. Don't however think for a single moment that will ever work on us.

We will however offer some friendly advice. You want us off your Facebook wall? You might consider not REPEATEDLY adding us after your profiles have been deleted. You added us as a friend originally before you were forced to change your Facebook name to "Itsoktobe White." You then added us after you were kicked off and came back as "Yordi JewKiller." And now, without any prompting from us whatsoever, you added us again now that you're back to "Odin TheCelt."

Three times dude. We haven't once made a request. You've done that all on your own and have made our work so much easier as a result. What? Did you really think those 662 people, most of whom you added, like you for your personality and witty conversation?

With that in mind, here is what big, brave, "Odin TheCelt" posted on his Facebook wall regarding the article we wrote about him and Paulie:

Because nothing screams warrior of the Master Race
like threatening to beat up a woman. Well played sir!
Oh, not just a willingness to beat up a woman, but to do it
in a "dark ally" too. And admitting to other crimes that he
got away with? Uhm, you realize the police likely read this
blog as well, right "Odin TheCelt?"
Our favorite comment though was left at the end:

We're not in the least surprised.

"Odin TheCelt" has few, if any, redeeming qualities, but at least he is partially self-aware in one regard.

He's a stupid as a sack of broken hammers:

He is still the pot calling the kettle black though.


Anonymous said...

This "odin" guy makes my brain hurt with his stupidity.
I can guarantee that even the boneheads of bigger organizations would look at this guy as a joke. He would only fit in the W.E.B/Aryan Guard/Combat 18 pathetic lower than other bonehead organization groups. Something to never be proud of is to be apart of this bonehead movement, but its even worse if you're proud to be associated with THOSE types of boneheads.

Anonymous said...

what are they feeding him? whatever it is, stop! PLEASE. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

facepalm indeed!