Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Why deny the Holocaust? I for one welcome it!": Rob de Chazal on Stormfront

After learning of the arrests of the three Blood & Honour members accused of a series of assaults in Vancouver, we spent some time looking at the online history of Shawn Macdonald (even though he did try to cover his tracks) but we haven't spent a lot of time looking at the other two accused. That was a mistake because at least one of those accused, Rob de Chazal, was at one time not at all shy about sharing his views.

First, a point of clarification. De Chazal has used quite a few online monikers. On Stormfront, he started as "LaundryBob" before asking it to be changed to, "Hapmaldroid" and then finally, "vonKvltvs88." On the old WCFU forums he was "Rob88." And on the Hamerskins forum, he's known as "Chernobog." We note this to both clear up any potential confusion and to indicate that Rob de Chazal appears to have had some identity issues.

Further, to answer the question, "are you sure this guy is Rob?" we offer the following proof:

It might surprise some of our readers to know just how long de Chazal has been involved in some form of organized racism. He registered on Stormfront in late 2001 while still in high school and really left nothing to the imagination when it came to his beliefs:

This post wasn't a one shot deal either, as he continued to revisit, "the Jewish question" on other occasions as well contributing his thoughts on some other issues:

That last one is rather interesting considering what de Chazal is now accused of.

Not long after joining Stormfront, de Chazal began meeting up with like-minded folks in Edmonton:

The "flop" de Chazal refers to here while admonishing future, along with Glenn Bahr (SS-88) and one other man, WCFU founder Peter Kouba was a rally organized by James "Cancer" Merrill.

Do we have pictures of this August 2003 event? You bet your sweet heinie we do!

Yep, the boy in blue is de Chazal.

While this march might have failed, de Chazal didn't let it discourage him as he became one of the first supporters of the short-lived WCFU:

He continued his relationship with Bahr even after the WCFU was shut down and commented on some of the revelations regarding how it was taken down:

De Chazal eventually moved to Vancouver and joined up first with Volksfront, later Blood & Honour. His final post on Stormfront promoted a Volksfront event:

De Chazal also is featured in some of the hacked Bill Noble emails, however that is something we'll be looking at in a separate article. But we thought we'd finish this article with one last, and perhaps ironic, post made by de Chazal:

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