Tuesday, February 14, 2012

De Chazal and Miller Court Apperance

Vancouver protesters confront alleged supremacists

Last Updated: February 13, 2012 8:48pm

VANCOUVER -- Dozens of protesters confronted two suspected white supremacists outside court Monday as the pair faced aggravated assault charges for alleged hate crimes.

Robertson De Chazal and Alastair Miller, both of Vancouver, are alleged to have set a Filipino man on fire in 2009, as the victim lay sleeping on a discarded couch.

In the same year, De Chazal, 25, was also charged with another count of aggravated assault for allegedly rendering a black man unconscious. Police allege that he, along with Miller, are part of the organized hate group, Blood and Honour.

“It’s not necessarily a victory that they might go to jail for a year, two months, or 20 years, I oppose their existence as a whole,” said a masked protester who identified himself as Poncho.

“We’re covering our faces because we live in a lot of the same neighbourhoods where a lot of these people live and we plan to keep organizing against them.”

Poncho, who handed out pamphlets detailing allegations against the accused, was one of a few dozen protesters crowded outside courthouse doors.

Protesters held up a sign adorned with a crossed-out swastika, with the words “Nazi scum f--- off.”

Both De Chazal and Miller are next expected to appear in court March 12.

The "Vancouver Observer" also provides very good coverage:

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Anonymous said...

“This is a matter of public safety that's not being taken seriously. We need a resurgence of activism and organizing in the community, so we're not complacent but proactive – not reactive – to racist events.”

Thank God they have that quote so prominent in the article, and not just a passing reference to people with signs or pamphlets.