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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turns Out We Do Have Information On Alastair Miller

We dug up some of these photos that we had forgotten about. Miller is beside de Chazal:

We're sure that our readers will note the irony of these two photos given the backdrop (certainly no thinking person would consider them POWs, but we await the NSBM benefit concert held on their behalf which will claim them as such).

We also had this poster sent to us a while back:

The poster can also be found being discussed here. Obviously, at least for members of the community, Blood & Honour BC has been a going concern for some time.

And a few images from the band Miller is in according to the poster:

We're pretty sure we have some photos stored somewhere. We do have the original group picture in which Miller's face is concealed; we did that because were were then led to understand that Miller was a minor.


Anonymous said...

Just a little update: the boneheads seemed to have moved away from their Commercial drive address at the end of October. That apartment overlooks the place where the Filipino man was attacked @ 5th.

Anonymous said...

Was that the place above the African drum shop around 5th or 6th? I used to walk by that place everyday on my way to and from work for a couple of years. I figured it wasn't there as I remember seeing Blasphemy banners on display and Blasphemy weren't exactly the poster children for NSBM given that they had a black singer.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Do not let the fact that Blasphemy had 'colored' people in the band fool you. They have always had social ties to white supremacists. This is dating way back to the early 90s.

Also I have pics of the latest singer who I believe is South or Central American Nazi Saluting.

As seen in Edmonton Alberta through networks with Mead Hall there are also 'non-whites' who sympathize and affiliate with white supremacist groups. This is especially common amongst the Black Metal Scene.